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For the first time, Lois Lane has almost everything she wants. Non-temporary home? Check. Dream job? Double check. Incredible BFFs? The absolute best. And now, her online crush, SmallvilleGuy, is coming to Metropolis. If all goes well, they ll turn their long-distance friendship into a some-kind-of-fairy-tale romance. But when does all ever go well? Before she can check boyfriend off her list, Lois must take down a mad scientist plus a trio of mutant teens, protect the elusive flying man from the feds (including her dad), and navigate her very first date with SmallvilleGuy. In the follow-up to, Fallout, and Double Down, Gwenda Bond's re-imagination of DC Comics' first leading lady takes on her toughest challenge yet: Love.

Lois Lane: TripleThreat

Strange Alchemy

Black Light Express

Sucktown, Alaska
Lois Lane: Triple Threat

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